Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ch 4

This chapter talked about wikis and how to create one and use one.  I have heard that this is not a reliable source.  Which the chapter does talk about the misunderstanding.  The site is edited all the time for inaccuracy.  However, as it pointed out if wrong information is posted and a parent sees it, it could be a problem.  This is my fear of any site, blog and interactive information.  It is easy to see how someone could add something that the teacher may not pick up on.  The wiki updates all the time and fixes it. I'm still  have my reservation about using it.

Again it gave step by step instructions that overwhelmed me.  It gave lots of big names that support it such as Steve Job.  The chapter talked about it versatile use in the class room.  All of which sound interesting and would enhance the students' learning.  I need to understand more about the editing to feel comfortable to use this as a tool in my class room.  Perhaps after we make one in class I'll feel more comfortable with it.


Is about how to make a blog. The chapter gives step step instruction; which overwhelmed me.  It was large amount of information to process without actually doing it.  I learn best by doing thing and listening to the instructions.  Even adding pictures was confusing to me and we had done it class.  I would have benefited by an assignment to do more on my blog.

I found the ideas for the classroom interesting.  Especially, interactive discussions and research out side the class room perhaps another country.  Therefore, allowing the students to comprehend the cultural differences.  Daily routes that may be different than the students.  Also, different opinions of way of life, government, and environment.  I am excited by the idea that we have the ability to share and have an immediate or close to immediate responds with someone across the world.  I do believe the students would be excited too.   I look forward to the next chapter, WIKIS, so many people have them and just the word peeks my interest and intimates me.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Chapter two:
I felt was more interesting.  It explains how blogs can be used for fun, information and the classroom.  The writer should start small. One post at a time. Make sure the students privacy is intact and they are staying on safe sights.  Make sure the do not give out personal information, birthday, address or phone number.    It is very important to keep students safe at all times.

The use of blogs and the immediate responds is what students are use too.  They use their phone ,Ipods, computers for immediate answers to their questions.  Lesson could be geared to a subject and question proposed.  The student could find a link or video to answer the questions.  Or students could as a class, work in groups to find intrests, find information and present it in a blog to the class.  I got some great ideas from this chapter and will review many times for help.

how to blog