Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ch 4

This chapter talked about wikis and how to create one and use one.  I have heard that this is not a reliable source.  Which the chapter does talk about the misunderstanding.  The site is edited all the time for inaccuracy.  However, as it pointed out if wrong information is posted and a parent sees it, it could be a problem.  This is my fear of any site, blog and interactive information.  It is easy to see how someone could add something that the teacher may not pick up on.  The wiki updates all the time and fixes it. I'm still  have my reservation about using it.

Again it gave step by step instructions that overwhelmed me.  It gave lots of big names that support it such as Steve Job.  The chapter talked about it versatile use in the class room.  All of which sound interesting and would enhance the students' learning.  I need to understand more about the editing to feel comfortable to use this as a tool in my class room.  Perhaps after we make one in class I'll feel more comfortable with it.

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  1. Hi Jody,
    Now that you have made one or two wikis of your own are you more comfortable? I can understand your hesitancy at using a tool that may include inaccurate information but you also have control over who sees and edits your wiki. You can also revert back to an earlier version to "right any wrongs". I may feel that I have knowledge about different subjects but can you imagine how reflective our own teaching would be when we can get feedback and collaboration from many other great minds? Just a thought...