Monday, October 8, 2012

Ch. 5

RSS means Really Simply syndication.  Which is a more direct route to updates of a blog. Easier to get to and read also. XML is used to get to a feed a new feed.  this allows teacher and student to go to one feed to get information on a subject of interest instead of having to go to more than one place.  It is virus free.  which is important especially for classroom. It is called an aggregator. It clears sights from viruses.  after setting up your aggregator account go to Google read because it is free and start collecting data.  Tend to read if authors full name is used an usually authentic sight. Using Google reader the latest information pops up and the most important.  One can unsubscribe at any point.

This chapter again has way too much information for one sitting.  I feel an how to book needs  to explain steps more and less talk about the tool.  It is obliques at best and confusing through out. I need the hands on experience but the chapter goes on and on about not so important details.  I have found even take notes I am retaining very little.

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