Monday, October 29, 2012

Ch. Ten Putting all together is the understanding that education is changing and these tools are how it is changing. this technology is widely use in the working world. Allowing for companies to take what they need for presentation ad spread sheets. It changes the way school teach. Gone are the days of paper and pencil activities and the use of libraries. Soon students will only need a lap top or I pad to learn. We as teachers need to embrace the change and use it. Testing would be how well the student has mastered his/her product. I believe in learning through creating and analyzing. Much higher level of thinking. But one thing at a time. students need to know what they are learning about and explore the web for information, using reliable sources. then go on to create their product. I know this the coming of age in education. I am trying to use more technology in my classroom. There is so much to learn. I find it quite over whelming. I need to slow down and understand one tool at a time. I will make my priority to learn more and use more.I realize this is just the beginning of change in education and I already feel behind the 8 ball. I want my students to be engage in their work and learning as much as they can.

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  1. Jody:

    You said exactly what I'm thinking in that it's so overwhelming. I believe
    the key is just what you said: slow down and understand one tool at a time. I'm just now learning to use Edmodo because I had a student sit with me and walk me through it. I see him everyday, so if I have any questions he's there to help. He also takes great pride in knowing more that I do, so I think it's as beneficial to him as me. I try to conquer more of Web 2.0 after I've mastered Edmodo.