Monday, October 29, 2012

The book. I'm sorry to say though the book had great information, it was like reading a new language. It had too much information in each chapter for a beginner like me. i found it overwhelming even intimidating at times. I have the very basic understanding of computers. I use them every day but for basic things. I wished I had grasp it better and learned how to do the things t was asking me to do. I feel the information was important but the delivery was not helpful but confusing to me. I took my time and try to understand all the information but it was too cumbersome. I would not suggest to use this book for beginners like myself who learn by hands on. I feel I really missed out and am intimidate to try some of these tools. The class room instruction was most helpful to me to complete my work. I would like to use these tool on a regular bases and I will try. It like become an expert chief with one cook book.

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  1. Linda exactly! I feel the same way and also am trying to learn Edmodo and not doing well. I'm really trying to get technology in the class room. Really hard to do when I don't have a classroom.