Monday, October 8, 2012

Ch. 6

The social web s what this webs, blogs, wikis RSS are all about to share with individuals or public.  This allows people to read, write and share with you.  It is becoming the new way to get information and give information.  Twitter is exploding with it's use by people. It is quick and easy.  my students use this all the time.The book suggest school to use it to keep parents daily up date to lesson and links.

Though this is tempting I am hesitated to use this. Nice to have parents informed but this feel s too much.  A possible over kill. What if a lesson is taking longer  than anticipated, the parent could misunderstand the reasons why and feel the teacher isn't doing his/her/ job efficiently enough.  I feel we are opening ourselves up to more problems than solution.  It is also taking  the responsibility of  the student of staying on tasks away.  Parents whom are interested to that extend could  keep up on assignments give out.  

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