Monday, October 8, 2012

Ch. 7

Fun with flick allows student to take picture and videos of class room projects and the classroom it self.  This is a immediate media for information good or bad.  By sharing videos and picture makes tings all the more interesting for the class and students. The book does caution to edit all before posting anything.  Which is good because people  need to be aware of student and adults rights.  It is so easy to make a mistake and end up in court over privacy  issues.   Again I feel it is to easy to get in trouble and therefore would advise against it.

I feel this chapter as others are to light with precaution and are not look at the real world of issues.  One never and I never put themselves in a possible legal issue.  The chapter is too pushy and optimistic about uses of tools.  not everyone is savvy enough to understand or know laws. My philosophy is to error on over protectiveness.

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