Saturday, September 22, 2012


Chapter two:
I felt was more interesting.  It explains how blogs can be used for fun, information and the classroom.  The writer should start small. One post at a time. Make sure the students privacy is intact and they are staying on safe sights.  Make sure the do not give out personal information, birthday, address or phone number.    It is very important to keep students safe at all times.

The use of blogs and the immediate responds is what students are use too.  They use their phone ,Ipods, computers for immediate answers to their questions.  Lesson could be geared to a subject and question proposed.  The student could find a link or video to answer the questions.  Or students could as a class, work in groups to find intrests, find information and present it in a blog to the class.  I got some great ideas from this chapter and will review many times for help.

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